Nat Sherman

Category: B2C Retail - E-commerce Website & In-Store POS

Goals: To increase sales by creating an e-commerce website that is aligned with company branding and seamless functionality, as well as improving in-store sales tools and techniques

Results: Sales grew 18%, year-over-year, based on the new e-commerce engine and redesigned interface, and use of our in-store tablet-based e-commerce system that allowed people to buy in-store and ship home to avoid the hefty NY tobacco taxes.

Details: Nat Sherman is a family-run luxury cigar brand with a focus on heritage, sophistication and high-end clientele. The Nat Sherman site is fully iOS compatible and features a blend of high-end design and e-commerce functionality. The in-store iPad POS system allows the on-floor sales team to stroll with iPads and create orders on the fly for both in-state and out-of-town customers, allowing them to take advantage of home delivery and lower out-of-state taxes. It also tracks on-floor sales representative commissions and sales progress internally.